Every artist undresses his subject, whether human or still life. It is his business to find essences in surfaces, and what more attractive and challenging surface than the skin around a soul? ~Richard Corliss~

Monday, June 21, 2010

Article written for local magazine "Speckled Bean"

Essensual Art Gallery: “Petite” Exhibition

Written by Mercia Deale

Current exhibition running from June through to July 2010 called “Petite” –is a collection of 20x20cm canvases by various artists throughout the country: Heidi Kern, Paul-Jacques du Plessis, Carl Verster, Barry Keyser and Mercia Deale. July submissions will be from Frances Lozear and Cheryl Walker. The subject matter varies, pieces called “Eros” and “Psyche”, by Carl Verster explores the emotion between the characters in Greek mythology. Another called “This Kiss” is accompanied by this poem he has written:

“Where do two souls touch?” he prayed

“The skin, fingers entwined?”

“Or here?” gestures to eyes

“Here,” she smiles

“This kiss” she says “This kiss of mine”

Mercia Deale has chosen couples as a subject matter, with pieces called “Sweet whispers” and “Be the light of my emotion”. It’s a sepia range which explores the emotions of couples in a loving embrace. She says “we all have experienced the closeness, the ecstasy, the protection of a loved one in an intimate embrace. It can feed the soul and keep you going for yet another day” She has also included a colourful series of woman’s faces half hidden, capturing their sensuality and showing that sensuality does not mean nudity.

Paul-Jacques du Plessis has submitted sensual lips that almost reminds of “pop-art” and Andy Warhol. Expression and communication can be done without ever uttering a single word – just by pouting those beautiful lips!

Barry Keyser is a digital artist, combining photography, fine art, possibly some abstract and surrealism in his images, but always honouring the essence of life: the nude. On his piece “Juvilent” he says: “In this piece, I captured the essence of ecstatic joy. The woman on her throne is sitting on top of the world, in control and even more so with grace. From the solar plexus chakra busts the yellow sunflower energy that protrudes through her whole being and invokes the childlike happiness, not just in herself but also in every person that looks upon her. ”

Barry Keyser: "Juvelant" Digital Art printed on canvas

Other art is still available throughout the exhibition. Essensual Art Gallery specializes in sensual art, exploring the naked human form, celebrating organic lines, lines which produces strong emotion; emotion that is often not explored and faced in everyday life. What is our body without emotion? What defines us?

Artists that submit pieces do not do it for the purpose of selling art, but believe in conveying a strong message – one that states: This is you in all your glory, celebrate it and make peace with it! What subject has more emotion than a human being? How can a still life provoke you to rethink anything, how can a landscape stir up a long forgotten emotion? Therefore do not expect pretty pictures at Essensual Art, be prepared to fill your senses with visual education on the human form, smell the emotion, hear the colours and let it touch your heart.

Next exhibition is scheduled for September 2010 by artist Carl Verster, called “Songs on the Eve of destruction”

Located at Shop 7, Upper Level, Clarens Tourist and Information Centre, Market Street, Clarens.

Email: art@essensual.co.za

Web: www.essensual.co.za

Contact Mercia Deale: 082 210 6894

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