Every artist undresses his subject, whether human or still life. It is his business to find essences in surfaces, and what more attractive and challenging surface than the skin around a soul? ~Richard Corliss~

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Next exhibition by Carl Verster called "Songs on the Eve of destruction"

Yes! I have finally been able to convince this very talented artist to do his first solo exhibition. It will be held during the September school holiday (not sure of the exact dates yet, but will post them later on).

He has chosen a very interesting working title called "Songs on the Eve of destruction". Not only is Carl talented with a brush, he has ways with words that can leave you mesmerized and pondering about it for days. So this leads us to his working title - I was given a brief explanation and loved it! (Though I must admit, the pictures I conjured up in my mind will definately NOT be what Carl will produce - he is very secretive about what he plans - so it will be a surprise to all of us!)

Think about his title and feel free to give your thoughts about it - what do think it's about? What word play do you see in the title, what does it mean to YOU?

As always, I am excited to see what Carl will produce. He has submitted stunning little pieces for the "Petite" exhibition and included a poem with each one:

Carl Verster: "Dreams of Eros" Oil on canvas 20x20cm
In the theatre of my mind,
On the rapid eye reflex movie screens,
Playing on the insides of my eyelids,
There you will find,
music echoing memories of a bygone time.
Watch closely now as the act unfolds,
Real-life actors in a script of years,
"If this was movie," we said.
Remember? And it was and is.
Soundtracks trigger scenes,
In this theatre of my mind.

Carl Verster: "This Kiss" Oil on canvas 20x20cm
"Where do two souls touch?" he prayed
"The skin, fingers entwined?"
"Or here?" gestures to the eyes
"Here" she smiles
"This kiss" she says "this kiss of mine"
 Carl Verster: "Eros" Oil on canvas 20x20cm
Shadows cast downwards from a half hidden moon.
Illuminating the planes of sylvan skin.
Tousled hair woven on pillow.
Fingers meshed.
Butter yellow sunbeams dancing from cloudless sky.
Gambol playfully over unmade bower.
Jumbled cloth on creased sheet.
Figures long left.
 Carl Verster: "Psyche" Oil on canvas 20x20cm 
A whisper, faint echoes,
drift through the trees
as the dusk closes in.
A pianissimo - faint tones of her wings beating,
as she makes her descent.

He, ensnared in the loving web,bound
by the chords of her souls song,
Meeting in muted clearing,
A fortissimo - immortal heart beating,
as they make their ascent.

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